Mais que font les polices ?






Big Walls

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Yo, Yo, Yo !
Check our new graffiti video !!!

This video was made to be showed for our last exposition
"But what is the police (fonts u know) doing ?" into the Famous Glaz'art in Dec 2007

Graffiti : Red Stack 6pack Yearz Spot
Camera : Kruty & Peyo
Music and Movie : Peyo

IMF fonts

the wall, Ivry city Again

Stack in progress

Artwork in progress



graffiti head

Speed head on the ground

more pics from our expo soon, stay tuned !

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1. By luking4u2

crazy looking i wish it was on my wall, i got a question do you do flags too ?

2. By keusta

flags ?

3. By tieum

putain c trop propre, et je comprends maintenant l'utilité de commencer à peindre le fond au rouleau. finalement ca réduit considérablement le volume de bombes utilisées. Joli

4. By keusta

merci :)

5. By Ols

Ouyayayayay !
Once more...

6. By da original's crevard

Greatest !!!!

7. By émilie

dans le site ça le fait encore plus :D

8. By JG

DAMN! You are such an inspiration, Your work is what got me to try some of my own....only on canvas though....keep doin what you are doin!!!!!!

9. By Kix

La vidéo est vraient stylée, le mur aussi ... rien a dire (ah si big up Brassens !)
ca dépote ! Et franchement vous faites tous tres tres mal niveau maitrise de la bombe Oo !

Si vous faites un event mettras-tu des news ici ? j'ir

10. By angie et victoria

victoria : c'est bien fait et bien appliqué!
angie : bonsoir nico!
pour ma part je dirais juste AMEN

11. By keusta

hey merci les petites :)
Yo fransuze !

12. By kalim


13. By Anandit

Its lovely to see that your whole unit is workin' so hard to make these
graffitis a success,..........loved the concept, keep it up.

14. By Jonathan

I want to know how to get hold of people on this site I want to use some of your art for a clothing label.

15. By Nelly ekenasio

we need more oppertunity for the younger artists

16. By Steve

hey could ya please tell me how to do graffiti..... cos my mom gave me permission to change my room to my pleasure .......

17. By josu

hi need caps ñiz help me !!!

18. By blogbart

big up from polska

19. By blogbart

our spectrum side is closed for few days but on the end of the week it will be opened
I invite you... in english so you can read more than on my blog hehe

20. By Kamie

was los bei euch





23. By JG ONE

the best!

24. By Richard Hanson

Great work, keep it coming.


damn fool u get down we got a cru here in el paso BEW its a pretty dope ass cru............we can show some of r shit 2 juz get back 2 me

26. By ebert

this is fucking baddd!!!!

27. By luke

bloods niggar

28. By Béni

Yo Big Up à Ton Crew 6Pack.Je suis content de taffer avc toi en mode custom.

Peace et à bientot!

29. By enzo ------> UGC

just get used to it mr officers

30. By orace

Awesome guys!! You french rock!! thx 4 sharing...

31. By lorina

i love ur pics

32. By cheto

grafitean chido vatos agan un nombre que deiga junior

33. By illastr8

Damn, that is insane piece right there, reminds me of transformers bumble bee!!! Nice wall!!! Looks like a dope spot to practice skills on.

34. By ours

Can you draw some graffiti ours and send me on

35. By dip

nice graphic look cool keep do that thang

36. By catalina

I'm starting wit this things , you are very good ;] I want to be as good as you ;] Oh can you send me that mix ?

37. By FEAR

tes couleurs sont vraiment superbe ! Je sais pas si tu connais Le mans mais y ' a plein de bon spot a taper alors si ta une occasion d ' y passer profites en !

38. By keusta

Fear > Merci, je connais pas du tout Le mans mais tu peux toujours nous inviter, on viendra ^^

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