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Freestyle sketch

New sketch, freestyle with two pens, one thin and one medium.
Trac? direct pas de croquis pr?alable, avec 2 stylos, un fin, et un moyen
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1. By Henrry

Esta buena la pagina, felicitaciones hay me mandan algunas imagenes buena onda

2. By Justine

this is so cool..

3. By migel

cooooooooooooooooool letters

4. By sohl

that shitz sick g! DIA Crew 420

5. By jomayra candelario

this stuff is really cool nice job

6. By sherond

i love this sit

7. By zet

me dis pas, un pen ? la main, l'autre dans le .....
Hum Hum Keusta... Cochon

8. By keusta


9. By fmr


10. By kal

i like your drawing nice i can only draw the word stack

11. By alejandro


12. By shaheda

wow!!!! so cool!

13. By junior

this is for you

14. By kalawer

estan a toda madre si pueden me mandan unas pic

15. By hly

u r well bangin m8

16. By isidro

send me some alphabet

17. By nette

this site kicks ass! way cool!

18. By joshua

king of soul



20. By ghost

baeux travaille avec juste 2 stylo ! respect

peace a tt les bboy lol

21. By akasha

sooooooooo coollll

22. By Bird

Fucking tight job, nice work

23. By Jadiel

esta muy
chida la pagina saludos a la banda de este royio

24. By Camila

M hacen uno ke diga mi nombre , i con corazon o un skate :D por favor =) gracias.

25. By cesar

estan chidas las fotos
pero pongan nombres

26. By Labelette

Eh méchant!!Stylé!!!

27. By wow

amazing, genial but i dont know how it said
hola a todosd ustedes malditos tarados :)

28. By Cash

stan rihgt? tight, you'r all right, a nice sight for people who like. me too xD

29. By kyle_d

You are FUCKING SICK man! Iv been looking at your work fork the past 2 days while doing my own stuff and i just can't believe how detailed your work is. UNBELIEVABLE.

30. By benn

this image is great. its untamed, with no boundaries. what was your inspiration? also i like to think of it as a living organism that is breathing, growing and consuming

31. By donky dik desha 1

ayo mista stack///yo phool..ya stuff is tight like virgin butt,,u should find ya way to north jerzee...where the porkstas r clueless n the summas r un4getable!-donky dik desha 1...

32. By Marc

yo im a sixteen year old artist and i got to say man, that u r the illest graffiti artist i have ever seen. u r my hero man. u r truly a wildstyle master. keep on writing.

33. By DJZ

Hi would you mind if i used this as a logo? I would do the color myself. thanks

34. By stack from vzla

men you are owsom , i can´t graff iqual you .... you are the best

35. By jessica

this is so tight can u do my name...... :p

36. By dri

vc e o cara....desenho fantastico maravilha do mundo parabens

37. By Tonny

this graffiti is amazing!!!!!, do you have some tips coz i need to improve my stuff

38. By masterbater1

doin that must of given u carpal tunnel syndrome

39. By zero

nice sketch this is really cool

40. By tarKOo95


41. By Apententakel

ongelofelijk, dit is wat Nederland nodig heeft

respect from Rotterdam

42. By angel


43. By ninos

graffiti 4ever

44. By NeRo



45. By Smith

dude your sketches are awesome

46. By adan aramis tejeda tejeda

nada esta bien jevi la pagina me gustan stas imagenes

47. By Rudy Gonzalez

That's cool I'm learning how to sketch 2

48. By David

This is sick!

peace from amsterdam

49. By Meko

omg! fuck!

50. By erica

like your sketch

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