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Back to basic this time... I love black & white..
Somewhere in West South
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1. By keusta

Practise... and observation

2. By Mia la vieille

le ma?tre a parl?...

hihi ;)*

3. By madone

whery good

4. By weiner

fag boys

5. By philip

i'm a graffiter 2 from cyprus and i love this site

6. By keusta

Welcome on board philip ;)

7. By alvec

komment faire pour tager mon nom

8. By tlemcen


9. By boooge

It's in your face; nice piece, simple to

10. By enano

west side yoyoyowww

11. By SAYE


yet so effective.
stands out like a mutha.

keep it up
cant wait to see some new work on the website.

12. By Fabyo


13. By graff girl

this is cool but simple... : )

14. By BaLam

you guys are sick!

15. By korsz?k Sanyi

jok vagy tok a firk?ban
by sanyi

16. By keusta

since 1997 it's written on the head of the site ;)

17. By RuMR

sick peaces

18. By _____

COOL !!!!!!!

19. By jordan

young crossy posse 1

20. By Pure1


21. By Milani

hey real nice man . im real amazed with this one . howz about doin one for a tattoo for myself ??? =)

22. By luis manuel

estan chidos

23. By Mike

Yo guys this shit is crazy im doing alittle graffiti in my school cus i graduate this year i get to paint a wall in the school nd this stuff is a bid ispiration and has given me some ideas thanks

24. By echek

et au moins on distingue le blase

25. By Rk.4

These are some sic pieces of art.

26. By dasker

damm sick with it.....stay up....

dasker obkrew..

27. By iron

se divagan aber cuando salimos arayar arriva la ddk bloe iron muso pley reyna

28. By iron

se divagan aber cuando salimos arayar arriva la ddk bloe iron muso pley reyna

29. By luis angel

te la rifaste neta eatan como reale s te pasas de lansas

30. By LOST

Nice work:)

31. By Nite-Soft

i've bin taggin for over 2 years n' i havnt seen anything like dis rite here. dis is sum sic azz shit.


32. By AKBAR


33. By Rabitt86

U guys know any good websites 4 tags i can use to improve my skills

34. By meLanie

you're doing such amazing graffs.
i'm a writer from liechtenstein nd i love you're site..
do you know liechtenstein? (=



36. By jason

like im a gang grafitti guy and my graffiti needs improved


kiero el nombre de anayeli

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