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Epos session

Session sp?cial pour le d?part de Mr Epos...
Bobigny le long du canal.

Epos by 6pack

Epos by 6pack

Epos by Fan77

Epos by Fan77

Epos by Haribo

Epos by Haribo

Epos by Mask

Epos by Mask

Le canal

Bobigny Full moon
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1. By Gin.

came across this when I google'd "graffiti"...Sick Sick Sick shit! Where you out of?

2. By Jonesy

Some good stuff.

3. By Andrea

Me gustaria que me creasen un graffiti con mi nombre

4. By Wally

damn thats good

5. By EPOS

vous avez tous tu? les gars, M.E.R.C.I

...innoubliable souvenir!

6. By don won

west coast will still serve......................

7. By tash

your art is soo beautiful. you dont sell these on canvases for wall murals do you?

8. By andreiita!!

q guapossssssssss

9. By boooge

Top shit pieces are really good

10. By PRiiNCESS


11. By ambz

your art iz immence it gawjus

12. By terence

tro bo

13. By luke

would you do graffiti in luke 4 me

14. By tusk191

your styles r sick end phunky yo. graffiti is the ghetto art form of piccaso.im from da sa town area come down here some tym thers some good spots yo

15. By d.g

man da last one wit the pink like outline is hot as hell dope ass shit!!!!wonder if theres another graff site well hit me up if there is!!!!!!!

16. By Juan

This is some good stuff! props!

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