Little Throw Up





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little trhow up

Petite participation ? la fresque de 6pack, red, Myt et Tefu..C3P
Petit Flop sur le camion fait par Mister Red
J'?tais occup? a faire un autre graffiti

graffiti throw up and letters

La fresque en entier en + gros...

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1. By ?milie

Pfiouuuuuuu ?a d?boite !
L'harmonie de couleurs est trop belle!!

2. By keusta

Alors toi d?s qu'on met un peu de turquoise... :p

3. By keusta

hehe thanks dude

4. By kayla

i wish i could freakin do that

5. By salvin

thats hella sick

6. By G"

this is really good.... what kind of paint do u use.

7. By keusta

Montana hardcore, gold and Molotov premium...

8. By G"

cheers m8... not been graffiting long.. my mates use monster paint.

9. By Dust

>.< Ola vache '^^ Sa c'est d'la fresque !

Pff nan s'?rieux, trop top^^ Si un jour, ? force d'entra?nement j'arrive ? ?a :P ...

Mais j'ai encore du chemin.

10. By craig morgan

Eny Boddy No Were I Can Get Grog Paint From.. If You Got a Website Snd Me The Link..

11. By stacey

bro, i'm getting my throwy up and running but i can't really get any good letters for SKAT (Skate Krews And Tags). can u help me out?!


plz Make one for me with the names:
LOTI and

13. By SAYE

i have a question

how the hell do you get those line so thin..
i find it inpossible when im doing pieces. can u tell me what caps you use...?

14. By kinkyman

it's fuckin' good...

15. By Enzor1

props on your ups

16. By ^^

je kiffe le perso o lunettes rose serieu elle deboite en plus c du propre continuer comme sa!!!

17. By megan

i lovee graff ment 0ne.

18. By Take2_Zone1

My Throwies Are Sickk

19. By caleb

man tht stuff is sick!

20. By d.g

hardcore shit man its nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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