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Petite esquisse en pr?paration pour le Book de Hour.
New Old School mixed Up !

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1. By zeus

trois mots ma la de loll

2. By rafik

bonjours je veutmon prenom en dessin ou en tag
mon prenom c

3. By Andres


4. By alfred

i really like the sketches in this site.

5. By zidane

mappl zize
je suis ungraffiti

6. By gonda klaudia


7. By Johnny

I like the work

8. By izzy

2 word and 2 word only...bloody awsome..

9. By keusta


10. By ben

sick pics u can do me 1 lol

11. By jimmy

this are some down

12. By jimmy

this are some down

13. By freestyle-G

mr.stack is good at characters.

14. By gina

i tink the sketches are amazing but there needz 2 be more colour but there still really gd

15. By Misty Thornton

i love graffiti..i do a lot of it and your sketches really imspire me..their amazing!!!

16. By juam vladimie s v


17. By by lila

i love graffiti..i do a lot of it and your sketches really imspire me..their amazing!!!

18. By !kiwipwincess!

dis is awsum stuff i luv it all i wish i cood do dat ae cuz. cheers.

19. By mayra lizeth

ke shido graff

solo ke aca es mas ilegal
somos artistas de lo ke keda..

20. By bloody shino

hey!!that is nice sketches man.

21. By seikos


22. By mikaele

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!!!

23. By babacan

slm milet nas?l gidiyo hayat herkese iyi g?nler

24. By cinthia elizabeth

esto es para ti o.k

25. By Trent Oswald

I love this stuff. i'm unbelievably new to grafitti art, and i can't describe my interest in it. I'm not gonna find much in Utah, but hey, i'm looking. This stuff is what i'm trying to hit. Excellent Work :D

26. By Nashalie

I luv it!! u got a hot az imagination I hope 2 draw as nice az u

27. By hugo

como escribir mi nombre

28. By Emery

It's clean. Nice imagination. love black and white it's my kind of thing. Very beautiful art.

29. By keusta

Yo hazz, be patient. That don't comes easily. I draw since i'm young, not remember exactly when i



31. By Anandit

Hey dis is cool.........these graffitis are way beyond my imaginati

32. By blest

hey your sketches are realy good i liko it i do some one a lot you are realy realy good

33. By Yazarmyothant

Hello ....
I am from Myanmar....I love graffiti ...I can write graffiti letter but can't draw piture ....I want to draw picture .....I love this site.......I want to friendship with u...... If u wanna to friend with me u sent me msil that u an

34. By wesley

boujour je voudrais mon prenom en tag merci mon prenom est wesley

35. By Stealth

dis is wat i calll inspiration dis guy is talented

36. By dchill

Hey Mr.Stack, the art gods gave you mad skills

37. By Nicole

this is crazy.i like it
cool site 2

38. By brm squad

nice chars on this site but on wall things are diferent...

39. By tirson

oi tudo bem?

40. By sTuErt

YUpz this good characters

41. By Rosy

heya how cool I do sketches like this on my bedroom wall and I also get paid for sketching in other places

42. By Pater

What type of pencil do you using ?

43. By arnoldo

estan chidos los graffitis les dejo msn para aber si nos asemos varrio

44. By loulou

Cé frai gro

45. By taylor belly

i oso like this sketches..... there dam

46. By VinceO

umm hey i don't even know if you'll ever read this but i'm book marking your page for one reason. your art is amazing to say the least. and to be completely honest id like to ask something of you. Ive been trying to find an artist who could possibly ex

47. By Lexi

dang your art is heaka gud like real talk... hopefully i one day i can be able to draw like you but until then ill just have to wait....

48. By juan

quiero ragiffitis con el nombre juan

49. By Jatt

Amazing work you are my idol!!!

50. By dragoo de los mf 13

yea que loco esta arte esta que arde se la sacaron en grande yea soy u friki...

51. By gudu

m parc chido locos alohaa
y aloqnc batos chorris caguengues y sus graffs son 1000% perrones y son perrooones

52. By big j

some good shit there ... keep it up


man dude, you really got some shit goin' on here... like it all, keep it up man, peace

54. By simo


55. By joji

i wnt

56. By alternbookeea


57. By tia

I think your drawing are amazing,

58. By Lola

this guyz awsome ive seen some pritty good shit and this guys got my attention. hez some artist dont cha tink?

59. By raquel

el grafiti son cada uno de los sentimientos de cada grafitero tiene y los expresa de esa manera

60. By holly

this is so much inspiration! lov'it.

61. By Liuan

We are in process of developing computer game about age of sail period.
For creating animated crewmen (who would be on the boards of sailing war ships) we look for sketches with elements of animation
(like firing from musket or pistol, w

62. By Caper

Yo dude, mad skills! I have been doing the same sketches since I was about 11 myself. I used to bomb here in Toronto, but 2 kids later I have to resort to my sketchbook.. It's nice to see some keepin it "GrassRoots". Your flavor and skills ar

63. By SBA crew

thats chill but Poser does better sketches than that. Evals 1

64. By Kay

....this is gona be sick!!!

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