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bcn graffiti
Petite peinture dans une rue de barcelone, dans le quartier de Poblenou, pr?s de la mer :p
Small painting in barcelona's street.
Peque?a pintura en las calles de Barcelona, en el barrio de poblenou
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1. By OnesoR

c'est du bueno pitainggg !

2. By Annie

phat dats wel gud

3. By amy

c'est cool le tien tu nous bat

4. By lary

?a crie ton truc mec ?a d?coiffe beaucoup cool

5. By carmen

trop fort j'adorpe trop mais je ne sais pas faire comme le tien. C'est trop difficile mec comment tu fais pour faire ?a ? je fais se qui socison facile a faire

6. By keusta

je me concentre et pouf, voila

7. By willlyados

dechir ma jpref?re les red stylo bille meme si on pige ri1 ^^

8. By willlyados

carmen inspire et expire pete un coup et hop sa sort

9. By gloria

hey how the hell do you guys do this awesome graffiti atr work i would love to leran if any body is available to sen me pics for free im down for it. it would be cool because i live in auburn and nobody knows what the hell graffiti is.

10. By marvin

i want to have a grafitti of my name

im marvin!!!

11. By ABS

arte es arte unidos por el graffiti colombia

12. By Ricardo

sta vergones esos grafitis

13. By ExTraCk


14. By camille

je kif trop les tag !!!!!

15. By louie

holy crap man its sweet

16. By leon

phat m8 t hats well good

17. By jenna


18. By james

good boy

19. By _ karla_

beniu al skte parc la llagosta hay graffittis

20. By doge

io me los abiento mas chilo

21. By erick


22. By mauricio

me encantaron sus grffitis son lo mas chingon

23. By xemi

hello my best friend

24. By s.k.w

fuck of west

25. By jhon fredy

que viva el rap y los graffiteros tanbien

26. By chistoso

que grafos mas chingones como me gustaria graffitear asi

27. By hugo

q hon da locos

28. By vikas kogey

hi, iam artist & graphic artist

29. By musab

my play the barcelona footbal

30. By sherin

estan bien chidos sus graffiti

31. By hugo

quiero rayar chido

32. By Robert Runyon

that is some good grafetii

33. By jonathan


34. By carlos

ser de los chidos para graff

35. By septian

barca is the best

36. By jonathan

que chido

37. By diego

thats dope ass hell man i wish i knew who to that shit

38. By knarf

Hello, im from austria...i am in summer @ barca , and would like to paint some walls...but i dont know where i can get cans, or meut some people...please check my page and give me a request....greets from salzburg

39. By carmen

can u garfftit my name and my boyfriend its carmen y jesus... with hearts all over grafftiti my name in marvin

40. By beto

yo shit dope son!!

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