Red Stylo Bille




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sketch de graffiti fait au stylo bille rouge


1. By tom

ouiall i clakouille se sketch!!!!!!!!!

2. By alpha301

putin c net i dechir !

3. By keusta

merci amigo

4. By mlou

That is one damn gorgeous machine.

5. By sp?cio

bien jou? man!!! c comme ?a ki fo repr?senter!!!

6. By atiz

salut dsl je poste ?a ici, je sava

7. By k?Oz mwk

dinwwww Il D?chire ton sketch putin au stylo rouge de + RESPECT total for you KEUSTA big up * el artista es keusta

8. By janine

le graffiti es tres bon.comme est-ce que je peux meilleure mes graffitis??mon email es

9. By Vince

thats freakin crazy dude

10. By kayla

that is goregous! that takes lots of skill and you got it

11. By Melina

man how you all that stufl thats all cool if you can do me a BIG favore can you write my sisters name in cool tight graffiti like all that that you do please

12. By sam

thats awesum!!!

13. By julian casablancas

que hay

14. By julian

Soy el Selta de mexico df

15. By alberto

hella bad ass drawing

16. By emma

can u makee ma a picc of my name in crafitii wrightin pzz thanxx

17. By Eagle Boy

there u go!

18. By jonny

incredible, ive been doing a few sketches recently quite similar, very interested in your work!

19. By Karl

You are insane!

20. By david

im jus lookin 4 some diffrent kinds of graffiti but da whole alphabet

21. By boooge

i see stack in there now.

22. By leanne

wooow ow d ya do it? its mint a wish i could do summat lyk dat.

23. By roberto

estan pasado de piola

24. By oer

kuuuuuul berat

25. By zeroner

Hey man I'm a big fan of ur art bro! I'm a big fan n I practicing to do a similar style like urs kuz yo sht is sick dogg... so keep it up n keep it pimpin, pimpin

26. By luciana

o graffiti ? tamb?m uma forma de express?o e est? aos poucos conquistando seu espa?o na sociedade

27. By koborism

awesome! KKA... from Hungary

28. By NANCY


29. By kate

all i can say is wow!!!
i really admire your work
i think is amazing

30. By jessi

estan chidas los gr?affitis

31. By sally

hit me up and i'll show you what my man can do. send you some , sorry but i think better alpha letters but yo drawing are amazing. halla

32. By steven

i want font letters but i want the whole alphabet

33. By ben

tech me to do it

34. By lina

the best graffitis

35. By Victor

can u tag up my whole name

36. By coraline

bonjours je voudrai savoir ou je peux trouver des alphabet graff car j' en trouve pas! merci

37. By BETO


38. By jessica


39. By rey el asko

q pes estan los grafos yo soy al asko dela piedadn q ero q sepan q amo ami datona q es un encanto

40. By lollie

nice pic its so awesome

41. By michel-james

vous afer un bon site de graffiti

42. By AbeBro

dam. this shit is off the hook man. keep it up man.

43. By michel

this is a mad art done by a good tager but i can do betre although i am only 16

44. By cholis

ta vien perron el schetch

45. By jezsika

thats awesome!!!!!

46. By paola

quisiera ser graffitera...pero primero me graduo ,,y bueeedespues al vandaloooo!!!!!!!!




48. By eddy

son buenos para el graf

49. By noise

yeah. this is a good inspiration

50. By Alberto foxx

estan vien chidos los graffitis !i like u style! foxx

51. By PAINLESS_2000

This is what I call: a long night!

52. By hector david medrano vega

pasenmen algo perron porfabor

53. By pap

fukin bad g

54. By jerri

i loike you'r work it's very smooth i was wondering if you could do my name im gona try to get it tattoo'ed

55. By stoner

sick work

56. By miguel

how do u do mi name


zas loco si sabes rayar

yo quisiera rayar asi me enseñarias vato

58. By Heck

damn yo nice respects


59. By charlie


60. By leydi

can you do my name "leydi" in this letres.

61. By h3Mp

H3y duD3 i fUkin lUv YouR Art mAN Its baD AsS. k3ep iT Up aND DoNT L3T TH3S3 NiGGaZ dIScuRaGE yOu FiLLiN M3 dOGgggggggggg....

62. By jb

that shit is good. i draw shit like that too but not that detailed.

63. By jenna


i ¢¾ ur drawings dey like supper kool

64. By leudi

oigan etos grafitti estan titatita

65. By Bex (H4??iE)

dis is tight stuff. wld u do me a huge fava and rite my tag in som slik graffiti and send it to me? mi tag is H4??iE. it stands 4 happie. that wld b sweet if ya cld !! thanks...

66. By Paul

i am realy jealous!

67. By vayOlette

pOez Olaa!!!
pOez qiiziera
zaber en dOnde
me pueden hazer
un graffiti
pOr qe pOez eztan
miien xiidOz
ii pOez qiizira a ver
zi me pOeden
hazer unO
perO qe me avizen
zi zi

68. By dingleberry

very nice

69. By Mac

It is some words???

70. By RepR

lettrage détaillé beau travail ! :)

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