Earthquake Canvas


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1. By KandD

Il d?boite gav?!! F?licitation! G d?j? vu 1 ou 2 graffs 2 oit vers Arcachon...

2. By kput

C vraiment chanmé c que tu fais.J adore.BIG UP!!!
Je fais aussi des toiles et vraiment c'est terrible!

3. By dee

maybe interested to buy this painting! what media is it in? is it on canvas? thanks x

4. By keusta

Acrylic on canvas, and for the size >> 0.4 x 1 meter (1.3 x 3.3 feet or 16x40 inch)

5. By tuskone

your canvas work is off the dome yo

6. By julie

i don't know if my first message worked... i just wanted to now if you sold these canvases, and how much.. thank you

7. By Garet

Just wanted to know if you sell your canvas art, and if you have a website? Keep up the wildstyle!

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