3D canvas



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3D canvas
Paint in 1999 - 40x60 cm
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1. By HipNotik

What the fuck? Malade.

2. By J-p

This graf is awsome, he is really real. This is giving the impression that you can touch it. Simply Awsome Dude!

3. By ev.y

hey c'est malade

4. By Richard Hanson

Awsome stuff. Paint in 1999. How long did it take to make?
Best Regards, Richard

5. By keusta

not much like one week

6. By RuMR

shit have u killded some others writer shit with that peace?

7. By monoxide child

this shit is pretty damn good art

8. By decay

this shit is amazing
im in love with how amazing the 3D is

9. By amine

tout simplement incomprehensible comment c'est genial come son but car je crois aussi que l'artiste a recherché quelque chose de special dans cete Oeuvre !!

10. By sag

owsem wrk!! graf on!!

11. By JmB

ohohoh! ca en jete ca !!

12. By bryce

i love this style

13. By iriemember

what are you doing with you skills now? Im a tagger(for around 15 years) and im working in graphic design now.Exceptional work though.So many styles.Love it.

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